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Lightem Systems specialized in total solutions for fiber optic application. Our customers include telecom, multi-service operator (MSO), ISP, utility, enterprise, broadcasting companies, system integerators worldwide.



Perfect Network switch solutions for any application from small to medium or enterprise organizations.

Telecom/Datacom Systems


In the Telecom and Datacom industry, fiber optic technology has been deployed extensively for a wide variety of applications. The growing popularity of next generation network (NGN)…

Security Systems

Fiber System

The security and access control application requies transmission of a wide range of signal, from component video to different kind of control signalling for door opening, camera PTZ…

Audio Video Systems


With the growing demand of the HDTV and other related broadcasting technology, different kind of broadcast grade fiber media converting equipment has been developed…

CATV RF Systems

Transmitter and Receiver

Lightem CATV RF Systems is a complete fiber optics transmission solution for broadcasting industry. CABLE TV, a widely deployed television application to residential requires …

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