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16Ch DWDM 100GHz C Band Mux Ch25-40, duplex traffic 2 fibers - LDMR-1610-C2540-LU

Lightem 16Ch DWDM 100GHz C Band Mux is designed to multiplex 16Ch DWDM 100GHz C Band for Ch25-40 duplex traffic into two fibers. It is packaged in a L3 module (Other package is available upon request); with our 19″ 1U chassis (P/N: L19-3L3), a 1U rack space can accomodate up to 3 modules. Together with our DWDM Transceiver, the bandwidth of the fiber can be utilized in a cost effective way.


  • DWDM ITUT G.694.1 C Band 100GHz
  • Ch25-40 or custom
  • Based on thin film optics with epoxy free optical path
  • Protocol transparent, support 1G, 10G, 100G etc
  • Package in 19" 1U Rackmount unit with 34x LC ports
  • Custom designed with optional features


Parameters Values
Insertion loss
Max: 3.7 Typ: 3.5 dB
Mux+Demux IL
Max: 6.0 dB
Channel Spacing
100 Ghz
Channel Flatness
< 0.4 dB
Channel Passband (0.5dB BW) Min
0.22 dB
Channel Uniformity
< 1.5 dB
Adjacent channel isolation
> 25 dB
Non adjacent channel isolation
> 35 dB
> 50 dB
Return Loss
> 50 dB
< 0.15 dB
< 0.1 ps
Wavelength thermal stability
< 0.002 nm/°C
Insertion Loss thermal stability
< 0.005 nm/°C
Power Handling
< 300
Operating temperature
0 ~ +70 °C
Storage temperature
-40 ~ +85°C
19" 1U Rackmount

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