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26 Ports 10/100/1000M Ethernet Switch with 16x SFP ports: LX26-16SFP

The Lightem Gigabit Fiber Switch is a L2/L4 Gigabit Ethernet Switch, provides 16x 1000M SFP ports and 10x 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports. The hardware supports wire-speed switching of the second layer. Users can set the various functions of switches through the Ethernet port in WEB. Built-in ARP and DOS defense system can effectively defense the ARP, DOS and various virus attack, moreover.


  • L2/L4 Gigabit Ethernet Switch
  • Support ARP Defense
  • Support QoS
  • Support IEEE 802.1d and IEEE 802.1w (RSTP, Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol) and IEEE 802.1s (MSTP, Multiple Spanning Tree Protocol)
  • Support Auto DOS defense
  • Support Land, Blat, Smurf attack, Ping flooding, SYN/SYN-ACK flooded etc
  • Support for 802.1x authentication
  • Support Wire-speed filtering – Storage – forward mode, providing a true non-blocking switching structure
  • Support the function of port mirroring, port aggregation, port speed limit
  • Support the port-based VLAN and IEEE802.1Q based on VLAN


Parameters Values
Standards and Protocols
IEEE802.3, IEEE 802.3ab, IEEE 802.3x, IEEE802.1q, IEEE802.1p,
IEEE802.1z, IEEE802.1d, IEEE802.1s, IEEE802.1w, IEEE802.1ax, IEEE802.1ak
Maximum frame length
Number of ports
16 1000M SFP ports and 10 10/100/1000M RJ45 ports
VLAN address table
MAC address table
32 mb
Background Bandwidth
52 Gbps
Filtering and Forwarding Rate
10Mbps: 148800PPS
10Mbps: 148800PPS
Dimensions (W x H x D)
440x280x44mm (1U19 inch standard chassis)
Power Consumption
Maximum 60W
Working Temperature
0°C ~ 40°C
Storage Temperature
-20°C ~ 70°C
Operating Humidity
10% ~ 90% RH Non-Condensing
Storage Humidity
5%~90% Non-condensing
Network Media
1000Base-LX: using long-wavelength laser (1310nm) crossed the Multimode and single mode fiber, multimode fiber 550m is the maximum distance, single mode is 10-24km.
1000Base-SX:62.5 μ m multimode fiber maximum transmission distance is 275m, use 50 μ m multimode fiber maximum transmission distance of up to 550 meters
10Base-T: cate-3 or more UTP; (support maximum transmission distance of 200m), 14880P/S
100Base-TX: cate-5 UTP; (support maximum transmission distance of 100m), 148800P/S)
1000Base-T: Cate-5 UTP or 6 UTP; (support maximum transmission distance of 100m), 1488000P/S)

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