In the Telecom and Datacom industry, fiber optic technology has been deployed extensively for a wide variety of applications. We have developed an extensive solution from transceiver module, to a sophisticated ultra high speed optical conversion with all the related accessories such as fiber amplification or dispersion management



They are designed to multiplex 2Ch (WDM), up to 16Ch (CWDM) or more than 100Ch (DWDM)


Available in fiber fanout model 19″ Rack Mount or LGX module packaging

Fiber Ethernet Switch

The converter is designed for simple point to point application

Fiber Amplifier

It is involved for ultra long haul communications, especially in DWDM applications for its erbium doped fiber characteristics

Fiber Dispersion Control

In ultra long haul, high speed communications, optical link budget and dispersion are the two major obstacle engineers encounter with.

POE Ethernet Convertor/Switch

An Ethernet transceiver is a hardware device designed to connect computers or electronic devices within a network, allowing them to transmit and receive messages.

Fiber Media Convertor

The Lightem Media Converters are compact, cost-effective, low dissipative, an industrial grade device for converting data signal

Industrial Switch

Designed for industrial harsh environment. Features low power consumption, ultra wide operating temperature and IP40 protective casing.


Transceiver Optics

It is a device that uses fiber optical technology to send and receive data.

Active Conversion & Multiplexing

The Fiber Ethernet converter is designed for simple point to point application


Lightem GPON is in compact design and convenient for flexible using, easy to deploy with high performance.

testing Solutions

We deliver exceptional test equipment and outstanding service. Our products are designed to provide accurate results every time

Testing Solutions

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